What We Offer

Transition to School Programme

Our aim is to provide a rich curriculum ensuring a smooth and successful transition from the centre into the school environment for all our AppleSeed children and whānau.

AppleSeed’s physical environment with our specifically designed preschool area, stimulates and challenges children’s thinking and capabilities, enabling our children to be empowered for their journey onto ‘big school’.

While our daily centre curriculum provides a range of opportunities for individual children to meet their unique dispositions and capabilities, we have organised a special extension time each day (1.00 – 2.00pm) for the four-year olds to prepare them for school. During this time the four-year olds are offered further opportunities to develop/extend their literacy, mathematical, social, language, self-help /independence and fine and large motor skills, focusing on a holistic approach for their learning. Our programme also includes project work based on children’s interests, considering each child’s individual needs; language barriers, cultural needs, special needs etc.

Parents and whānau are supported by being provided with up to date information about our local primary schools and ensure their child is involved in pre-school visits undertaken during the year. We maintain regular contact and excellent relationships with these schools and this underpins our transition to school programme, ensuring we closely match the skills and attributes that they would like us to develop.

Through our proven programme, children will learn about ‘Casey, the caterpillar’, where children are introduced to the different shapes that when put together in different combinations, form the letters of the alphabet. Children practice these shapes before they learn to write the letters of the Alphabet.

As part of our programme, we ask your child to bring his or her lunch box and drink bottle every Tuesday. Within this opportunity, children will learn to look after their lunch box, unwrap the bars, sandwiches and split food for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, having practical experience of their life at school.

Teachers will provide the extra support and advice to whānau regarding their child with special needs ensuring the specific needs of the child are met in the transition to school process.